Congratulations to Fred and Elsie Kinch who celebrated their Diamond Wedding Annniversary in December 2006

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Fred and Elsie Kinch celebrated their Diamond Wedding Anniversary on 21st December 2006 with a dinner at LyFred and Elsiesses Hotel, Fareham.

The event was organised by their son Richard,and the cake was made by their grandson Christopher. The greetings card from the Queen put an extra layer of icing on the occasion.

Fred and Elsie were married on 21st December 1946 at St. JohnÂ’s Church, Bishopstone on the outskirts of Salisbury. There was no organist at the wedding because he was working and no honeymoon because ElsieÂ’s father was ill. It was snowing heavily and the church was freezing cold but sixty years on they are still together.

Fred returned from the Far East in March 1946. Got engaged in July and married in December 1946.

Their son was born in June 1949 and Fred left for a 2½ year commission in Malta in December 1949.