The Association

The name of the association shall be “The HMS Newfoundland Association” (hereinafter referred to as “the Association”).
“ Member” means Member of the Association.
“ The Committee” means the members elected or co-opted to be responsible for running the affairs of the Association.

Objectives of the Association

1. To preserve pride in and publicise the story of the service of the modified Colony Class Cruiser HMS Newfoundland.
2.    To foster comradeship and “esprit de corps” among all those who served in her between 1942 and 1959.
3. To foster the friendships and comradeship formed through serving together as members of the ships company through its many commissions by means of its periodical publication, “The Newfoundland Times.”
4. To bring Members and their families together for annual reunions.
5.    To perpetuate the memories of those shipmates who have “Crossed the Bar”.
6. To maintain links with the former Colony of Newfoundland, after which our ship was named.
7. To maintain links and support the Sea Cadet Unit TS Newfoundland which proudly bears the name of the ship in which we served.
8. To solicit and receive subscriptions, gifts and grants of all kinds whether absolute or conditional, for the objectives of the Association and subject to the direction of the Committee to obtain money for such objectives by any lawful means.
9. To apply the income and property of the Association from whatever source solely towards the promotion of the objectives of the Association.
10.    The Association shall be non-political and non-sectarian.
11. (1) The categories of membership of the Association shall be Full Member, Full Life Member, Honorary Member and Associate Member. The criteria for membership shall be as prescribed.
(2) The Committee shall have the power to reject any Associate application for membership deemed to be controversial with or without explanation.
12. Only Full Members or Full Life Members shall be eligible to hold the offices of Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer.
13. There shall be a President of the Association and such Vice Presidents as may be prescribed.
14. There shall be a Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer of the Association and such other Officers as may be prescribed. They shall be elected by the Members and hold office for such period as prescribed and shall have the power to co-opt additional members to the Committee for specific duties.
15. A meeting of the Members to be known as the Annual General Meeting shall be held annually during the reunion weekend to receive reports from the elected Officers, elect or re-elect Officers and debate and vote on agenda items. At least 21 days notice of the AGM will be given to Members.



The criteria for membership shall be as follows:

1. Full Membership. Open to any member of the Naval or Marine forces who served in the ship for any length of time and in any capacity. By extension this also applies to the period during which the ship was part of the Peruvian Navy.
Full Membership shall also be conferred on the widow or partner of a deceased Member.
2. Full Life Membership. A full Member who has given long and honourable service to the Association may be awarded Full Life Membership by the Committee.
3. Honorary Membership. The Committee may confer Honorary Membership on any persons of standing who place their services and support at the disposal of the Association but who are not eligible for Full Membership.
4.    Associate Membership. Open to:
(a) Direct family members of Full Members.
(b) Direct family members of former shipmates who have died, either without becoming members, or before the Association were formed.
(c) People deemed to be of worth to the wellbeing of the Association.
(d) Former shipmates of Full Members who are not themselves eligible for Full Membership.
(e) Organisations.

Note: Direct family is restricted to sons and daughters of Members.

Appointment to Associate Membership shall be adjudicated by the Chairman, Vice Chairman and Secretary.

Voting Rights

Voting rights are restricted to Full Members and Full Life Members only. Spouses and partners of Full and Life Members will not have voting rights but will be entitled to participate in all activities of the Association including holding office.


1.    There shall be no entrance fee payable to join the Association.
2. Honorary Members and Full Life Members shall not be required to pay any Association subscription.
3. The rate of annual Association subscriptions shall be as recommended by the Committee, on advice from the Treasurer, and approved by the Members at the AGM.
4. Annual Association subscriptions shall be payable in advance on the 1st January each year but if not received by the AGM membership will be considered to have lapsed. Former Members may be re-admitted at the discretion of the Treasurer who shall also have the authority to waive the payment of all subscription arrears.
5. Overseas Members living in Australia, Canada, New Zealand or the USA may pay their subscriptions in their local currency.
Charitable Donations

In lieu of wreaths and flowers for members who have crossed the bar a sum of money shall be donated annually to service charities that care for and support ex-servicemen. The Committee on advice from the Treasurer will recommend a sum to be donated to a charity or charities for approval by the Members at each AGM.


1. The President and Vice-President(s) shall be invited by the Committee to hold office and may be requested by the Committee to stand down from office.
2. (a) A Committee comprising a Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Editor, Events Organiser, Membership Records Officer and Gifts Bosun will be elected by the Members at the AGM. A Committee member shall be selected by the Committee to act as Vice-Chairman.
(b) The duties attached to individual elected positions shall be clearly defined (Appendix A). These Job Descriptions shall be reviewed and, where appropriate, amended by the Committee at their half-yearly meeting to reflect the current working arrangements.
(c) At the Committee’s discretion a member may hold more than one position.
(d) No more than one third of Committee members shall be re-elected at any time. Members will be advised of retiring Committee members at least three months in advance and may nominate a replacement two months before the new Committee member is required to take up office.
(e) The Committee may make any other appointment by co-option to carry out any particular and clearly defined function. The period of co-option shall be decided by the Committee and may then be extended on a yearly basis.
(f) Where an elected or co-opted Committee Member undertakes a deputising or assistant role he or she will familiarise themselves with the job description of the post holder, offer all support to the post holder and be prepared to assume full responsibility for the role for a period of up to six months should the occupant resign or be unable to fulfil the role. During that time arrangements will be made to hold elections to fill the post on a permanent basis.
(g)Two auditors for the annual accounts shall be proposed by the Committee for approval at each AGM.
(h) Members elected to the Committee shall hold office for a period of three years.
(i) The Chairman shall hold a casting vote only to be used when voting in the Committee is evenly divided.
(j) Other than the AGM, the Committee shall, where possible, meet twice a year.


The Reunion shall be held on a suitable weekend each year at a venue capable of accommodating the members and their guests and providing, where possible, exclusive use of facilities. The location of the Reunion venue should, if feasible, be alternated North, South, East and West and wherever possible should have a connection with the Royal Navy.


The Association may neither be dissolved, nor the funds disposed of, without the consent of at least two-thirds of the paid-up membership of the Association. A ballot for dissolution shall be notified to the Members at the earliest opportunity in “The Newfoundland Times” and held at the next AGM or at an EGM convened for that purpose.

After all debts have been settled, any funds to be disposed of to be donated equitably to Naval Charities and the TS Newfoundland