HMS Newfoundland Association 16th Annual General Meeting

The Loyal Toast

1.    Chairman’s opening remarks

2.    Minutes of the 2003 AGM

3.    Secretary’s report and letters

4.    Treasurer’s Report

5.    Liaison and Public Relations Officer’s Report

6.    Events Organiser’s Report

7.    Editor’s Report

8.    Membership Records Officer’s Report

9.    Gifts Bosun’s Report

10.    Election of officer (Treasurer)

11.    Proposed by Tony Toms, Seconded by Alan Waite.
That we investigate the possibility of a memorial to those who served onboard HMS Newfoundland from 1942 –1959. This could be in the form of a Stained Glass window or Plaque to be placed in the Parish Church in Wolverhampton.

12. Proposed by Tony Toms, Seconded by Bill Stone that we sponsor Rosie Thompson (of the Not Forgotten Association) in the London Marathon to the sum of £100. She has agreed to donate the sponsor ship money to the”Not Forgotten” Association for the Ex Service Disabled. Some of our members have been out on some of their events (Buckingham Palace Garden Party. Boat Trip on the Solent Band Concerts, Christmas party at St James Palace), just to mention a few.
13.    AOB.