Ian Wigston

Profile of Ian Wigston

Ian, circa 1949
Ian was born in 1931 at Shepway Court Farm, near Maidstone, Kent
He attended Willington village school – 1935/1936
and St Francis’ RC School, Maidstone – 1936/1945
In 1949, as a journeyman machinist, fitter and turner, he entered the Royal Navy as a Stoker and was identified as a potential Mechanician candidate
His career was as follows
March to April 1949
HMS Royal Arthur
Basic Training
Stoker 2nd Class
April to August 1949
HMS Raleigh
Stoker’s Training
Stoker 2nd Class
August to October 1949
HMS Newfoundland
Specially selected Stoker’s Training
Stoker 2nd Class
October 1949 to December 1950
HMS Cleopatra
2nd Cruiser Squadron
Home Fleet
Stoker Mechanic/
A/Leading Stoker Mechanic
January to June 1951
HMS Pembroke
Leading Hands Course
A/Leading Stoker Mechanic
June 1951 to April 1952
HMS Broadsword
6th Destoyer Flotilla, Home Fleet


Leading Stoker Mechanic
April 1952 to January 1953
HMS Neptune, Rserve Fleet, Chatham
this included 3 months in D77, HMS Trafalgar (Flag Officer Commanding Reserve Fleet)
Leading Stoker Mechanic
January 1953 to January 1955
Royal Naval Barracks, Portsmouth Mechanician’s Course at Flathouse MTE
A/Petty Officer Stoker Mechanic/ Mechanician 3rd Class
January to February 1955
HMS Royal Arthur, Petty Officer’s Course
Mechanician 3rd Class
February to July 1955
HMS Neptune, Reserve Fleet Chatham
Mechanician 3rd Class
July 1955 to January 1957
HMS Birmingham,
General Service Commission,
Home and Mediterranean
Mechanician 3rd Class
Mechanician 2nd Class
Mechanician 1st Class
January 1957 to March 1959
HMS Sheffield
General Service Commission
Home and Mediterranean
Mechanician 1st Class
March to July 1959
HMS Pembroke
ICE, Paxman and Mirrlees Engine Courses
Mechanician 1st Class
July 1959 to March 1960
HMS Squirrel
Fishery Protection, based at Portland
Mechanician 1st Class
March 1960 to August 1961
HMS Ganges
Boy’s Training
Mechanician 1st Class
August 1961 to January 1962
Royal Naval Barracks
Mechanician 1stClass
January 1962 to October 1963
HMS Ulster
West Indies Station, during the Cuban crisis
Mechanician 1st Class/
A/ Chief Mechanician
October 1963 to October 1964
HMS Ganges
Boys Training
A/ Chief Mechanician 
Chief Mechanician 
October 1964 to August 1965
HMS Pembroke
Appointed to Flag Officer Medway’s Staff as Assistant to the Staff Engineer Officer. CSOT was Captain Maurice Head an ex Newfy (Lt Cdr (T) 1942 – 1945)
Chief Mechanician
August 1965 to September 1967
HMS Mull of Kintyre
Based in Singapore and responsible for providing support and maintenance to operational squadrons of minsweepers and patrol craft during the Indonesian Confrontation
Regulating Chief Mechanician
November 1967 to November 1971
Naval Manpower Utilisatioin Unit
2nd Sea Lord’s department
Qualified as a Work Study Practitioner and became the coordinator of a team of senior ratings responsible for writing Operating and Maintenance Procedures for Leander Class Frigates
Chief Mechanician
November to December 1971
Royal Naval Barracks Portsmouth
Discharged to Leave and Pension
Chief Mechanician
Civilian Employment: After leaving the Service, Ian went to work for P&O SN Co as a Senior Management Services Consultant and over the next five years travelled widely on assignments around the world and also spent eighteen months in Scotland working in the oil industry. In 1976 he was recruited by PA Consultants to become part of a team of independent consultants being set up to investigate manpower problems in the Shipping Industry; the five year project, run by the General Council of British Shipping was known as the ‘Sealife Programme’. In 1980 Ian accepted a post as a Senior Management Services Officer with Westminster City Council in the Chief Executive’s Department and later transferred to Social Services Department where he held the post of Assistant Divisional Director. In 1989 following a major re-organisation Ian took early retirement and set up his own business as an independent Management and Training Consultant; he closed the books and retired in 1996.
Further Education: To further his career after leaving the RN Ian completed a number of vocational courses and qualified as an Industrial Training Officer in his first year with P&O SN Co. Later he studied with the Open University where he obtained a BA (Hons) in Psychology and Politics and followed this with a further period of study for an M.Sc. in Advanced Research Methods in Education and Social Science.
Interests and Hobbies: Archaeology, Photography, Gardening, Computing and Travel.