The Liaison Officer, Tom Roxby, Signs In

The Liaison Officer, Tom Roxby, signs in

The Press Release concerning the Reunion at Mill Rythe was directed at the South coast and Midlands media areas and, in the course of which, mostly sent in January/February, the response was limited. There is only patchy evidence of the appearance on the Release in the local papers, although a good sread was obtained in the Portsmout ‘News’. Nevertheless, new members came in and they are itemised in ‘Welcome Aboard’. Others enquired but so far have not joined. (They are listed below,)

Early in January I took a phone call from a soldier with a long memory. Len Reece, a Welsh Fusilier, now living in Northampton (Tel. 01604 702381) recalled the time when a party, about 40 or 50, from the Newfy, then alongside at Port Dickson, in 1955, was invited to the Army Camp in Serembang. Plenty of food and drink, and no little friendly altercation. Evidently the visit left a recurring memory of the occasion.

It is gratifying to report that the Island Waste Services Ltd (part of Severn Trent plc). In Newport, I of W. has kindly donated £150.00 to the Association in support of the Reunion function. Diane Attrill, daughter of Norman and Viv Scott, was a prime mover in securing the award. Norman is a Royal Marine member of the 1942/44 vintage.

Reluctant Shipmates

Dave Chappel (1958/59, AB)

Michael Garfoot (1956/58 AB)

Terry Hunt (1958/59 M(E)),
. claims to have a 2 hour film of commission , no sound.

R Turner (1956/58 AB),