Secretary’s Report

Hi Shipmate’s,

Happy New Year to you all, and to your families.

2003 was a quiet year as far as secretarial years go.

Shipmates, could you please send your sub’s to the Treasurer, Alan Waite and not to me? Not only is it inconvenient but also I have to post them on, thus a possibility of them being lost in the post.

Next of Kin.
Please let Robert Davis, Membership Records Officer, know of any changes to your address or Next Of Kin (NOK) etc? It would also be of help if you could inform your NOK to notify the Membership Records Officer at the earliest opportunity of your Crossing the Bar. We need to know in order that members of the Association can attend the funeral. It will also save any embarrassment when the Treasurer starts chasing sub’s in January. We have had occasions when we did not find out that a member had Crossed the Bar until a year later. SO PLEASE FILL IN THOSE NEXT OF KIN FORMS. If you have lost your form, just put all your details onto a piece of paper and send it to Robert Davis, the Membership Records Officer.

On a happier note, some members have attended events this year courtesy of The “ Not Forgotten” Association

Four members and their wives attended the Annual Garden Party at Buckingham Palace; this is an event for those members in receipt of a War Pension.

There was a Concert, Lunch and Afternoon Tea at the Royal Star and Garter Home on Thursday 6th Nov 2003, four members attended.

Shipmate Les Hynes and his wife attended a Christmas Party at St James’s Palace, on Thursday 4th December 2003, by all accounts had an enjoyable time.

On Wednesday 10th December 2003, four Shipmates took the opportunity to go on the Christmas Solent Boat Trip. Christmas lunch was served. There was also entertainment and a raffle. This sort of outing is for Ex-Service members suffering

with some disability. If you think you qualify please let me have your name, also if you would need a carer for such an outing.

See you all at the Reunion in April.