Tony Toms

Profile of Tony Toms
Secretary to the Association


Born on the 12 May 1935, at Reading in Berkshire. He had the usual upbringing, progressing through the school system until such time as he was old enough to join a seafaring unit. This he did and his career was as follows.



  1950 – 1951 Joined TS Warfleet at Botley Merchant Navy Sea Training School
1951 – 1952 HMS St Vincent

It was at St Vincent that Tony became a proficient water polo player. He was also a member of the Bugle Band, he was the Drum Major, a position he excelled at..

Boy Seaman 2nd Class, 29 May 1951.
Boy Seaman 1st Class, 9 November 1952
1952 – 1953 HMS Indefatigable. Continuation sea training Boy Seaman 1st Class to Ordinary Seaman
1953 – 1954 HMS Maidstone. Whilst on board Maidstone Tony qualified as a standard shallow water diver. He also carried out exercises on the midget submarine XE9 Ordinary Seaman to Able Seaman
1954 HMS Excellent. Borne for a Gunnery Course. RC3 Able Seaman
1954 – 1955 Royal Naval Barracks, Portsmouth. Blue Jacket Band Able Seaman
1955 – 1956 HMS Newfoundland. Tony was the Drum Major of the Blue Jacket Band. He was also a member of the ships Diving Team Able Seaman
1956 – 1957 HMS Excellent. Gunnery Course, FC 2 Qualifying Able Seaman
1957 – 1959 HMS Barrosa. Tony carried out the duties of QM and Ships Diver. He also completed a Freeswimmer Diving Course Able Seaman, Rated Leading Seaman on 31 December 1957, and confirmed.
1959 – 1960 HMS Excellent, Portsmouth. Tony was XP Party plus other parts of ship Leading Seaman
1960 – 1962 HMS Victorious. Captain of the hold, also a member of the ships diving team, and carried out the duties of QM Leading Seaman
1962 – 1963 HMS Sea Eagle, at Londonderry, Northern Ireland. Port Diving Team Leading Seaman.
1963 – 1965 HMS Lynx. Whilst on board Tony saw service in South Africa and the South Atlantic. He was Chief Quartermaster, also Postman and shallow water diver. Leading Seaman
1965 Royal Naval Barracks, Portsmouth. Ships Company Leading Seaman
1965 HMS Excellent. Ships Company Leading Seaman
1965 – 1966 HMS Vernon. Diving Course Leading Seaman
1966 – 1967 HMS Tiger. Captains Coxswain and Ships Diver Leading Seaman
1967 Royal Naval Barracks Portsmouth. From here Tony was discharged to shore Leading Seaman

On the 11 April 1967 Tony commenced working for the GPO, as a Postman. He considered this a little too quiet, so he applied for a job on the telephones. He enjoyed this particular job, and it would appear he had a natural talent, so much so that he was regularly promoted. Whilst in this employment he did a few spells out in the TV detector van.
Since leaving the Royal Navy, Tony had also been actively engaged in the Reading Pop Festival, carrying out such tasks with the aid of the Scout Troop which he so proudly ran.
Tony, is currently employed by a local coach company as a coach driver. This is another job he likes, as he just loves to talk to people.
Tony, is also Secretary to the Reading Branch of the Royal Naval Association