Treasurers Report

Once again we approach the Reunion and AGM, and I am pleased to be able to report that we are still able to hold the annual subscription at £5 for the 14th year. That’s not bad by anybody’s standard, considering what you get for it.

This is my 6th report as Treasurer, and once again I have to say that the job, as Treasurer, is made very difficult by having to remind some members who have not paid their sub’s this year. Christine and I have 152 members to contact, that’s a cost of £60.80p in postage alone, plus the cost of stationary and finally take into account our time. So shipmate’s, if you are one of those who is adrift please consider taking out a Standing Order Mandate, then you can then forget about it, or worry that you might not have paid your sub’s.

Our overseas shipmates have come up trumps again. Most of you have taken heed of my appeal regarding postage. I will say no more on that subject except to say thankyou, you’re every Treasurer’s dream.

I would also like to thank those who supported the used stamps appeal for Guide Dogs for the Blind. So far, since the last reunion, I have despatched three packages to the organisation. There are a lot more stamps out there so please bring them to the next Reunion.

One other thing I would like to bring to members attention is this. During the last year some members have Crossed the Bar and we have not been informed. I do keep an eye open for members who have been on the quiet side, like Charlie Ormsby, who is always in front of the queue to pay his subs, but not this year. I checked to find out why, only to discover he had passed away 4 months previous. The finality of that was, we, as an Association could not say our last farewells. So please shipmates tell your nearest and dearest to advise us when your final draft chit has come through.
Christine and I look forward to seeing you all at Hayling Island so until then cheers.

Yours aye
Alan and Christine